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Let Platinum Software Development Company pave your way to DeFi.

Platinum Software Development Company provides a full array of DeFi development services: smart contracts, back-end and front-end engineering, testing, design, SMM and so much more.

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Your defi is safe in our hands?

There’s no need to hire developers - Platinum team will create a DeFi project and smart contract from scratch! We have everything for a bright start of your new DeFi platform.

contract audit

Are you sure your smart contract works flawlessly and doesn’t contain critical errors? Eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities to ensure the safety of your clients and their funds. Platinum team audits smart contracts on all major blockchains. Order inspection today!



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contract development

You don’t have a dev team or a staff programmer? Save your time and get a ready smart contract in 7 days! Platinum team creates smart contracts of any complexity on all major blockchains. Get a safe & trustworthy backbone of your DeFi project - our contracts are fast and flawless.



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apps creation

There’s no need to hire the entire team of developers and designers to create a DeFi app - Platinum company will do it for you. Get a proprietary DeFi app created from scratch! Automate your business and let customers enjoy smooth performance & rich functionality - order in one click!



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DeFi is Your Key to
Unbeatable Finance Services

Being present in the market for 5+ years, Platinum is one of the largest DeFi developers in the blockchain industry.
With Ethereum-based dApps growing by +1,000% from Q2 2019 to Q3 2020, DeFi enables borderless transactions and cuts fees by over 50%.
With the number of projects growing by 200% since Q1 2018, the DeFi industry is one of the fastest-growing and most prospective sectors.

Choose your package


Enjoy full customization. We can fork a ready DeFi protocol (Uniswap, Curve, etc.) and tailor it to your needs OR help you to promote an existing project (find partners, attract a target audience, troubleshoot it and so on).

Smart Contracts & Tokenomics Model Creation

Automate your financial solution and native token distribution by introducing a solidity-based smart contract with pre-set functions and conditions. We will write and test codes to create the backbone of your project.

Project Development & Launching

You have ideas - we have solutions! Our team of experts can build your DeFi platform from scratch: write codes, set up back-end and front-end functionality, create a design, perform beta-testing, launch & promote the platform as well as provide lifetime technical support.

Project Creation & Promotion

Benefit from a wide scope of DeFi services from Platinum Software Development Company: creation and launching of dApps, smart contract & tokenomics model implementation, beta-testing, consulting for DeFi projects, design, SMM, technical support, etc.

Enjoy a full range of DeFi development services

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DeFi Smart Contract Creation
Automate your business for ultimate efficiency. Our safe and encrypted smart contracts are the foundation to a robust and reliable business infrastructure.
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Decentralized Exchange
Enable fast and safe crypto exchange without intermediaries. With a DEX service implemented in your business infrastructure, you eliminate the need for third-party finance services and save your customers time and money.
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Token Creation & Emission
Boost your project's value and monetize with native tokens! Create and tokenize crypto assets with a proprietary tokenomics model. We develop ETH, EOS and Tron-based tokens together with emission & distribution algorithms.

Why does your business need DeFi?

Smart Contracts

With your smart contract publicly available, you boost customers' trust and automate business functionality.

Tailored Investment Plans

Decentralized Finance infrastructure enables flexible storage, investments and management of users' assets.

No Limits

DeFi leverages instant & secure transactions around the globe - these services are available 24/7, everywhere.

Full Transparency

Since there's no central authority to control or restrict users' actions, your financial system becomes more transparent and appealing.


Build and customize your DeFi environment by merging different dApps and tools - enjoy flawless integration of services.

No Intermediaries

Absence of middlemen means faster transactions, lower commissions and better security. Users are free to manage their assets without third parties getting involved.

Why choose Platinum Software Development Company?

5+ years

of experience

Having rich expertise in the blockchain and DeFi industry, we deliver excellent results.



We integrate various enterprise technologies to provide efficient & scalable solutions.



Our staff provides a full spectrum of services, from blockchain development to design and promotion.



Being at the forefront of the DeFi industry, we do not just predict trends - we set them and streamline our customers' project development.

Full Customization


We don't believe in the one-size-fits-all approach - our team provides custom API and high quality dApps that meet YOUR needs.

Post-sale technical


Our customers enjoy lifetime technical support and continuous collaboration at any stage of the partnership.

Our flag-ship services / Our exclusive offers

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PR campaigns in Japan
By reaching out to a Japanese audience, you attract user traffic which converts into high profits. We know the Japanese market inside out and will help you find valuable partners and customers.
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PR campaigns in Korea
Since Korea is the cradle of crypto enthusiasts, there's no better market for DeFi project promotion! Platinum can help you reach a Korean audience to boost your revenue and accelerate your project development.
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Cross-chain solutions
Forget about blockchain limitations! The Platinum team develops solutions for full interoperability and flexibility. Combine the best features from the world of blockchain to develop a superb DeFi project!


What is DeFi?

Decentralized Finance is an alternative to centralized financial services with the major difference being automation of processes and the absence of intermediaries.

How does DeFi differ from CeFi?

Centralized finance services rely on a central authority - they allow a person to loan and borrow money via a corporation that's managed by people. Decentralized finance services rely on a code. Typically, they are driven by Ethereum, EOS or Tron smart contracts. This eliminates the borders and regulations of the traditional finance sector.

Is DeFi secure?

DeFi is a safer alternative to CeFi because it eliminates middlemen and automates the process thanks to smart contracts. Besides, it makes hacking impossible.

Why is Decentralized Finance better than centralized?

Many users find DeFi more secure and convenient than CeFi because it allows for anonymous transactions, enables efficient funds management and eliminates middlemen.

What is DeFi dApp?

Decentralized applications are built on blockchain and powered by smart contracts. They boast all the advantages of DeFi and are accessible to users from all over the world.

Where can dApps be used?

The list of dApp use cases is extensive. They have proven to be useful for gaming, eCommerce, crypto coin development, online media services, marketing, social media, crowdfunding (ICO, STO) and so on.

What are stablecoins?

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that's pegged to real-world fiat currencies or to other crypto tokens. Hence, it offers higher reliability since the price stays the same.

What are smart contracts?

A smart contract is a mutual agreement that comes into power with the help of code, once certain conditions are met. The code is not editable and the execution of a contract is automatic, which makes it more secure and hack-proof.

Why is DeFi important?

It offers users a safer, faster and more efficient alternative to traditional banking. Thanks to smart contracts and private keys, DeFi customers have more flexibility in managing their assets without the risk of losing or compromising their data.